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To make us better known, we offer you the interview that was done by the most popular Italian blog in Prague.

• Hello, first of all, since you work with a tourist agency, what's so special about Prague Tourists?
First of all, Tourists For Prague was born from our passion for this city and precisely this, in addition of course to the historical information, which we want to convey to tourists who come to visit it. We have a very personalized approach towards tourists in order to fully satisfy the needs of Italian (and non-Italian) customers who are notoriously very demanding.

• There must be some tourist agencies in Prague ... How did you make your way through so much competition?
In fact, the competition is there and is making itself felt. To carve out a space we have tried to introduce original and targeted initiatives such as free promotional tours, free offer tours (still little known by our compatriots) and special tours (hidden gardens of Prague, areas of Prague outside the traditional routes ... etc.), in addition of course to the classic tours.

Furthermore, unlike most of the agencies in Prague that offer services in multiple languages, and perhaps more focused on English, Spanish, French ... etc., Turisti Per Praga is purely specialized on Italian customers. Being Italians too, perhaps we have the opportunity to better interpret the needs of our compatriots.

• How did you meet your colleagues?
Good question. We come from three different cities (Alessandria, Milan and Ancona) and we met by chance about 7 years ago in a Prague bar while we were attending a football match. Being all three fans of the same team (which we don't mention for political reasons) it was easy to become friends. We then discovered that we share not only a passion for football but also for Prague. It was during one of these evenings that we came up with the idea of the Tourists For Prague project.

• Why Prague? What brought you here? - Who by chance, who by choice.
Luca: “I was in Prague for the first time when I was 15 traveling with my family. I got so passionate about it that I wanted, several years later, to prepare my thesis on a topic (The Prague Spring) connected to the city in order to also have an "excuse" to move there for a while. That period is already 8 years ... "

Davide: "A story similar to Luca's ... My first trip abroad when I was 18 (without parents) was in Prague. The city immediately conquered me and I began to collect books, articles and any material concerning the Czech capital. I even transferred my university studies from Milan to Udine in order to study the Czech language and therefore after my degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures the next step was to move to Prague ”.

Fabio: "It all started with a 6-month university adventure (Erasmus), it was back in 2007 ... today after 7 years I'm still here. Once you fall in love with this beautiful city, leaving it becomes impossible ... .. "

• What are your favorite places in Prague?
It's difficult to choose. If we talk about purely historical places, the area of Mala Strana and the Castle are perhaps among those we like the most because they have kept their original charm and atmosphere. Just take a walk from Novy Svet (New World) to the Charles Bridge through the alleys of Mala Strana to notice it.

We particularly love the Vysehrad area, which is certainly appreciated more by locals than tourists.

• As far as nightlife is concerned, surely the districts of Zizkov and Vynohrady are the ones. If you had to choose the three best aspects of living in the Czech Republic?
Definitely speaking of Prague, the quality and cost of living. Moreover, the city is very green, built on a human scale and the means of transport are unrivaled in Europe. From a cultural point of view it is one of the liveliest and most cosmopolitan capitals. Furthermore, culture is not elitist and therefore accessible to all. Thinking of the Czech Republic in general, considering however that Prague is its flagship, lovers of outdoor sports would be very happy here. Czech nature is wonderful.

• Are there any bad aspects instead? Do you suffer from nostalgia?

Well the climate is not the mildest. Winters are usually long and severe.
Another not too positive aspect is the initial approach with the Czechs. Not always easy as they are very private. Breaking down their initial distrust is sometimes not easy and takes time and patience. Nostalgia is sometimes there but it is more linked to the people we left in Italy. As for Italy, it does not make itself felt so much because it is relatively close, easily and economically accessible.

• How's it going with Czech? And with the Czechs?
Among us, some more or less, we manage with the Czech language. The language is very difficult and requires a lot of practice. Of course our Czech is macaronic but effective (hopefully J). On the relationship with the Czechs we have practically already answered in the previous question, however we have managed to establish excellent friendships with local boys and girls.

• What is your relationship with the Italian community in Prague, which is usually very cohesive?
Let's say that since we started the Tourists For Prague project we have a closer relationship with the Italian community in Prague. We may not frequent the main Italian hangouts too much, but through our promotional tours (organized mainly for Italians in Prague) we have had the pleasure of meeting great people and we hope to meet many more during the next promotional tours.

• What would you recommend to those who want to move here? (both before and after emigration)
First of all we would tell them they are making the right choice. Prague offers many professional opportunities and an excellent quality of life. Before moving they should perhaps inform themselves about the basic aspects of Czech culture so as not to have too difficult an impact as our cultures are quite different. As for the language, being Prague a cosmopolitan city, English is more than sufficient, but indispensable. The basics of the Czech language can be learned directly on the spot. Having an excellent CV in English is essential whether the job search starts in Italy or once they have moved.

• And what about emigration? Do you think it is permanent or does the Saudade attack you from time to time?
Never say never, we always hope that the situation in Italy will improve. At the moment all three are still convinced of our choice. Hoping that the Tourists For Prague project will get better and better those who move us from here!

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