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Kutna Hora

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Kutna Hora is a town in central Bohemia whose historic center is a UNESCO heritage site. Its fame and development are strongly linked to the silver mines in its territory which made Kutna Hora the second most important city in the kingdom of Bohemia (after Prague) and royal mint from the fourteenth century.
Our tour will take you to discover this splendid Bohemian gem starting from the Church of Our Lady of Sedlec, an extraordinary example of 13th century Cistercian architecture. The church underwent a Baroque restyling in the 18th century following the creation of a Jesuit convent.
We will continue our tour by visiting the Sedlec Ossuary which contains about 40,000 human skeletons, many of which are used as decorative elements.
Walking through the medieval center of the town, we will pass by the "Italian Court" seat of the royal mint and the Gothic "Castello piccolo", originally a small wooden defense bastion that was later rebuilt to make it a bourgeois residence.
We will conclude the tour with the Church of Santa Barbara, one of the most popular Gothic churches in Central Europe. The religious complex was commissioned in the fourteenth century by mining entrepreneurs and was dedicated to Santa Barbara, protector of miners.

Prices (do not include transport and entrance fee).

1-3 people: 150 euros
4-6 people: 170 euros
7-9 people: 200 euros (each additional person 10 €)

Entrance fee (including St. Barbara's Cathedral, Sedlec Ossuary and Church of Our Lady of Sedlec)
Adults: 10 euros
Reduced: 7 euros (Students 15-26 years); 6- euro (6-15 years)

Transport by train: 12 euros per person

Possibility of transport by car or private bus. Prices vary according to the number of people.

Prices to be agreed via email or by telephone depending on the number of people and the transport chosen (possibility of choosing between train or car / private bus).

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Prices (do not include transport and entrance fee).
1-3 people: 150 €
4-6 people: 170 €
7-9 people: 20 € (each additional person 10 €) (see details)
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