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Jewish Quarter tour with interiors

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We will take you to the discovery of the Josefov Jewish Quarter, one of the oldest neighborhoods in Prague, famous for its troubled history and mysterious legends.

During the tour you can admire the different architectural styles of the ghetto, get to know the main characters of the Jewish community and visit the interiors of the beautiful synagogues and the Cemetery, now part of the Jewish Museum. Walking through the alleys of the former ghetto, we will tell you about the legendary Golem, the complex figure of Rabbi Löw, the anxieties of Kafka and other prominent figures of the Jewish community.

We will visit the neo-Gothic Maisel Synagogue which houses an exhibition on the history of the Prague Jewish ghetto. We will continue with a visit to the Renaissance Pinkas Synagogue , a memorial to the victims of the Shoah where you can see some of the drawings of the children detained in the Terezin concentration camp. We will then enter the Jewish Cemetery , the symbolic place of Josefov. Once we leave the cemetery behind us, we will enter the largest synagogue in the former ghetto, the S inagoga Klaus with the exhibition dedicated to the customs and traditions of the Jewish community. Through the elegant via Parigi we will reach the last stop of our tour, the Spanish Synagogue whose name derives from its Moorish style.

Duration: 2 hours and 30 minutes

Tour prices:

1-3 participants: € 60 Total price of the guide + admission ticket € 15 per person (students pay € 10)

4-6 participants: € 75 Total price of the guide + entrance ticket € 15 per person (students pay € 10)

7-9 participants: € 90 Total guide price (each additional person € 5) + Entrance ticket € 15 per person (students pay € 10)

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1-3 participants: 60 €
4-6 participants: 75 €
7-9 participants: 90 € (+ 5 € each additional person)
The fee indicated is unique to the group and includes our guide + entrance ticket 15 euros per person (students pay 10 euros)
Tour duration
2 hours and 30 minutes
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