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Our Italian Guides

Davide, Fabio and Luca - The founders

We are three Italian guys who have been living in Prague for several years. We met by chance one day eight years ago and we immediately realized that we share the same passions. So we decided to found an agency that organizes tourist guides focusing primarily on Italian customers. To let us know better, we offer you the interview that was done by the most popular Italian blog in Prague

The Italian Tourist Guides for Prague

The guides live permanently in Prague. Most of the guides are Italian and some guides are local, but they speak perfectly Italian as they have lived for years in Italy and / or graduated in Italy. Our tour guides are all graduates in art history, history, architecture or humanities and have received training on the spot.

With our guides we have proudly guided visits to the Italian Embassy in Prague, managers or employees of important companies such as Exxon Mobil, F.C. Internazionale, Caffe' Vergnano and Nonno Nanni and over 7000 people happy to visit Prague with Italian guides, like you.

If you are looking for a tour of Prague with Italian or Italian speaking guides you are on the right page. Check out the profiles of our tour guides below and book a Prague tour with us, join the more than 7000 people who have already chosen and rated us with over 300 reviews.


Hi, I'm Luca!

I arrived in Prague in 2004 to prepare my graduation thesis on the Prague Spring. I immediately fell in love with the city and, after graduating, I decided to move here. I started working in the tourism sector almost immediately and after a few years, with two other friends, I managed to found TuristiperPraga. Being a guide, as well as a job, is also a passion that comes from the love for this city, history and art.

Having lived here for 15 years now, I know the city well. Despite this, Prague still manages to amaze me and remain a constant source of inspiration and stimulus. This pushes me to always seek and discover new and hidden places, to deepen my knowledge and to share all this with the tourists I accompany.

In Prague with Luca


Hi, I'm Costanza!

I have a degree in Art History at the University of Florence. After working for a few years in the historical-artistic environments of my city, I decided to expand my experience in other European cities. So after London, I arrived in Prague. I never imagined that this city could exert such a strong fascination on a person born and raised in the cradle of art.

Like all Florentines I have always considered Florence the most beautiful city in the world. Knowing Prague and breathing its magical atmosphere I had to change my point of view ... the art, the history, the legends make Prague a unique and wonderful city and it is precisely this that, with so much enthusiasm, I dedicate myself to telling in my work.

In Prague with Costanza


Hi, I'm Bruno!

It was the year 2015 when, after graduating in Nature Sciences at the University of Naples and finishing my course in Ferrara, I moved to Prague for a PhD on deer. After meeting Luca a little by chance, I had the opportunity to become part of the Tourists for Prague family and learn about the history, legends and secrets of the "city of a hundred spiers". When I walk around Prague I try to tell about its art and architecture, without forgetting to cast an eye on something naturalistic in every park, garden or ... heraldic coat of arms. Because you can keep the deer away from the guide, but not guide it away from the deer!

In Prague with Bruno

Our guide Bruno recommends the following tours in Prague:

  1. Prague New Town Tour (3 hours)
  2. Prague Center 1
  3. Prague Center 2

Martina B.

Hi, I'm Martina!

I graduated in art history with a thesis on a photographer from the Czech Republic but it was chance, or fate, that brought me to this city and to Turist for Prague. The desire to get involved and learn new things made me arrive in Prague, while the curiosity for this profession and fortuitous coincidences made me meet Luca after a while and from there it all started. I must admit that I am still surprised at how many things I have learned and how many new ones I am learning.

There are several reasons why I enthusiastically guide, among these there is the relationship that is often created during tours with tourists: while I introduce them to Prague by showing the places, tourist and otherwise, by telling its history and its legends, they show it to me from their point of view making me think about how magical Prague is and how much this city is giving me day by day.


Hi, I'm Roberto!

Born and raised in a town in southern Italy, in the Pollino National Park, I received as a gift from these places the respect for nature and the passion for outdoor sports. I studied History of Art at the University of Perugia, fueling the interest and curiosity towards artistic masterpieces and the stories they evoke. When I arrived in Prague for an internship, I was immediately bewitched by this city, which with its buildings, its stories and its atmospheres daily awaken in me the desire to discover and learn. Here I am sharing with you the sensations that only Prague can offer!

In Prague with Roberto

Martina P.

Hi, I'm Martina!

After obtaining a three-year degree in modern literature and a specialist in teaching Italian to foreigners, I decided to do an internship in Prague. During my studies I had already lived abroad, first in Holland and then in Spain, but once I arrived here, not only the magnetic beauty of the city, but also its many possibilities convinced me to stay.

As a guide to TuristiPerPrague I try to tell all the cultural, historical and artistic "whys" on which every beauty of the city blooms, so that, as the Czech writer Kafka said, you have the feeling that the city does not you never let go again, but you continue to live in a corner of your memory.

In Prague with Martina P.

Our guide Martina P. recommends the following tours in Prague:

  1. Prague Center 1
  2. Prague Center 2
  3. Prague Center 3


Hi, I'm Marco!

My degree in Italian language and culture for foreigners took me to the magnificent city of Prague at the beginning of 2017 to carry out an internship that was initially supposed to last only 3 months, but ... I'm still here! The city has literally bewitched and conquered me. So, having the opportunity to find work here, I stayed and not a day goes by without discovering something new, a hidden corner or a garden hidden from most people.

The love for this city pushed me to want to share my passion with other people, and what better way than to show this pearl of central Europe to the many Italian tourists who choose Prague as their holiday destination every year? Driving tourists through the streets and secrets of Prague, I find myself doing a job that really fascinates me and allows me to spend time on the streets of one of the most fascinating cities in Europe.

In Prague with Marco

Our guide Marco recommends the following tours in Prague:

  1. Prague Center 1
  2. Prague Center 2
  3. Prague Center 3


Hi, I'm Katerina!

I am a Czech girl by birth, but Italian by adoption, mother of a beautiful little girl, and married to an Italian. I was born in Písek, a small town in Southern Bohemia and at the age of 12 I moved to Bologna, where I studied and graduated in Building Engineering and Architecture. After graduation, the call of my land - its history, art and culture and even family - prevailed over my second home, and I moved here to Prague.

This city never tires you, you can always choose which adventure you want to experience, discover alleys with its wonderful buildings, immerse yourself in one of the many museums or stroll through the beautiful parks of the city.

Tourists for Prague gave me the opportunity to combine my passions and always meet new people, with the desire to discover this wonderful city.

In Prague with Katerina

Our guide Katerina recommends the following tours in Prague:

  1. Prague Center 1
  2. Prague Center 2
  3. Prague Center 3
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