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Terezin is sadly linked to the homonymous Nazi concentration camp where more than 33,000 Jews have perished.

Our tour will develop inside the fortress recalling the sad human events that occurred during one of the darkest periods in human history.
The Austrian Emperor Joseph II commissioned the architectural complex in the 18th century. This military fortress city was intended to protect Prague from possible Prussian attacks from the north and was named Terezin in honor of Empress Maria Theresa of Austria .

Became prison of the Habsburgs during the First World War, it was transformed by the Nazis during the second world war into a concentration camp, where the Gestapo imprisoned about 144,000 Jews and made the fortress a sort of sorting place towards other Nazi extermination camps.

Prices (do not include transport and entrance fee).

1-3 people: 85 euros

4-6 people: 95 euros

6-8 people: 110 euros (each additional person 10 €)

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Adults: 10 euros

Reduced: 7 euros (6-18 years and students up to 26 with ISIC card)

Transport by bus: 12 euros per person

Possibility of transport by car or private bus. Prices vary according to the number of people.

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1-3 people: 85 €
4-6 people: 95 €
6-8 people: 110 € (each additional person 10 €)
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