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Our exclusive services

Transportation from Prague to the airport and vice versa

TuristiperPragaalso thinks about your transfer relying on the best companies in the sector. Our servicesare in fact designed to make the transfer from the airport easy: professional drivers await you directly at the arrival gate to guide you to the car/van reserved for you, and with this in the city, freeing you from useless and tedious waits for crowded buses stormed by a multitude of travelers.

We also offer the same service for the opposite transfer, taking you from Prague to the airport to allow you to take your flight without having to plan complicated journeys and rely on the punctuality of public transport.

Prices from Prague to the airport

  • 1-3 participants: 30 €
  • 4-8 participants: 42 €
  • 9-14 participants: 75 €
  • 15-19 participants: 90 €
  • 20-36 participants: 120 €
  • 37-49 participants: 140 €
  • 50-59 participants: 155 €

In case you want to take advantage of an assistance service at the airport, we can also offer you this option. An Italian-speaking guide / escort will be waiting for you at the arrivals gate and will accompany you to the place where you will stay, providing you with all the necessary information and advice. It will also help you complete the first formalities at the hotel and also provide you with linguistic support. We offer the same service when returning to Italy. The guide / companion will be at your disposal to help you in case of any mishaps at check-in at Prague airport.

Prices per route with assistance at the airport

  • 1-3 participants: 65 €
  • 4-8 participants: 77 €
  • 9-14 participants: 110 €
  • 15-19 participants: 125 €
  • 20-36 participants: 155 €
  • 37-49 participants: 175 €
  • 50-59 participants: 190 €

Reservations for restaurants and services in Prague

To facilitate your stay in Prague and not to waste your precious time, TuristiperPraga offers the booking service for restaurants, boat cruises, spas, beer spa, etc ... We are at your disposal to advise you and book you the best services and attractions to make you more pleasant your vacation.

Here are some of the additional services, in addition to our tours, that we could book for you:

  • Lunches and / or dinners in the best Czech and international restaurants in Prague
  • Boat cruises on the Vltava
  • Lunch or dinner on the boat
  • Brewery tours (formerly
  • Beer Spa
  • Wellness centers
  • Hostess service
  • Ghost tours
  • Exit game

Do not hesitate to ask us for information or advice!

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