Šeříkovka 10, 118 00 Malá Strana, Cechia

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Tour of Prague Breweries

A tour to discover the beauties of the historic center of Prague and to get to know one of the most characteristic traditions of the city and the Czech Republic, beer.

We will accompany you on a journey where the history of Prague is intertwined with that of the city's beer and breweries. We will let you discover where the first documented beer in the world was tapped, or the first Pilsner in history and you will learn about the culture and customs of the Czech people related to the hospoda (the brewery).

During the tour we will stop in 3 different breweries / breweries where you can try 3 different beers (0.3l) and understand why Czech beer is considered the best in the world.

4 routes to choose from:

Route 1 : New Town and Old Town (possibility of visiting a microbrewery with the addition of 8 euros per person with beer tasting included).

Route 2 : Mala Strana and the Castle City

Route 3 : outdoor beer gardens (summer)

Route4 : Prague 3, Zizkov and Vinohrady

Duration of the tour: two and a half hours

Prices *:

1-3 people: 75 euros

4+ person: 20 euros per person.

* The beers are included in the price.

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Effective duration
2 hours and 30 minutes
1-3 people: 75 €
4+ people: 20 € per person
Beers are included in the price
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